Day: May 2, 2017

Some Of The Common Functions Which Are Maintained By A Municipal Corporation System Are

  • Different construction and maintenance works related to Urinals, latrines, drains, channels, wells, ghats, gardens, and bridges are handled by the members of municipality.
  • The cleaning and watering of public streets in order to maintain both safety and healthy regulations.
  • Proper water and lighting supply to each and every corner of their legislative area.
  • Well designed sewage disposal is maintained in every house to avoid the unnecessary growth of bacteria.
  • Preservation and planting of trees all around the area in order to enhance a green and healthy environment.
  • Construction and maintenance of guest houses, dharamsalas, maternity houses, orphanages, dispensaries, and hospitals.
  • Prevention of various deadly diseases and promotion of different necessary vaccinations.
  • Construction and maintenance of slaughter houses and municipal markets for the betterment of the citizens.
  • Promotion of various programs related to education and public libraries.
  • Helping the needful people at the time of natural calamities, scarcity, and famine.
  • Construction and maintenance of burial grounds and ensuring proper disposal of dead bodies.
  • Proper town planning with all necessary amenities like ambulance services, fire services.
  • Maintenance of historical places and monuments in order to maintain their values.
  • Proper promotion for health and family planning, non-formal education, adult education.
  • Registration of number of deaths and births in that city/town.
  • Protection of the environment and maintaining a proper urban forestry.

Thus, the municipality system is highly responsible for controlling each and every discretionary and obligatory functioning needed in an area.