Omega 3

Omega 3, also known as linolenic acid, is a type of essential polysaturated fat for the human body. Polysaturated fats are known to have more than one double bond in their molecules, which at the time of their decomposition makes it necessary much more energy to divide them, which favors health avoiding the accumulation of them.

It is also an essential fatty acid because the human body under no means can produce it by itself; it must be supplied through food as it influences multiple facets of the health of the human body.

Functions of the Omega 3

The human body necessarily needs olio di pesce for many of its functions and in this way make the body itself works properly. Some of the proper functions that the Omega 3 maintains in correct condition are the following:

1- Functioning of the nervous system: Neurons and chemical transmissions of the brain are made up of Omega 3. Without it, it could even reach low transmissions or brain deficit. Even in some diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it is recommended to increase Omega 3 in the diet to seek to stop malfunctioning brain.

A diet rich in Omega 3, keeps the brain in good condition avoiding diseases or disorders such as insomnia, hyperactivity, stress or anxiety. It is also recommended as a perfect natural antidepressant, helping against depression, mood swings, etc.

2- Formation of cell membranes: Tomas the cells of the body possess membranes that help them to the correct performance of their functions. Without Omega 3 cell membranes could not form, leading to malfunctioning of the human body.

3- Manufacture of hormones and anti-inflammatory components: Omega 3 helps the production of prostaglandins, the hormones responsible for body disinflammation. Without omega 3 in the body, the inflammations would remain stable and last much longer, which would prevent regeneration of affected limbs or healing of damaged areas quickly and safely.

They also produce antithrombotic and anti-arrhythmic hormones, key hormones for the prevention and complete treatment of cardiovascular diseases

4- View: Omega 3 maintains along with Vitamin A, the correct formation of the retina and the health of the eyes.

5- The immune system in several of its functions applies the Omega 3 as essential fatty acid and necessary for its functioning. In a case of need, the system is greatly hampered.



Healing Properties of Omega 3

First of all, the high consumption of Omega 3 has been studied by scientists and managed to conclude that those with a high diet of this fatty acid, possess the least amount of circulatory diseases worldwide. In this way, those who eat seal meat or blue fish in Greenland (rich in Omega 3) have been shown to be much less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

Second, Omega 3 helps control cholesterol. Its properties help to lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol levels to normal (or in some cases lower cholesterol), prevent blood clots in the arteries by platelet action, help reduce hypertension and keep blood flowing, avoiding Strokes, strokes, strokes, or different heart attacks. Given their cardioprotective abilities, the electrical transmissions in the heart are regularized, avoiding cardiac arrhythmias of any type.

Finally, it is proven among all its other functions that Omega 3 is a rich complement in the prevention of 3 types of cancers: colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. This compound prevents the growth of cancer cells and reduces the size of tumors that may have already arisen, and prevents the reproduction of these in the body.

Omega 3 is also applied to many mental disorders, from depression to schizophrenia because of its ability to increase brain connections.